Product Update

BSA IA 2.0

We have made progress with TroopTrack’s integration with the BSA’s new Internet Advancement updates (IA 2.0/Scoutbook). As most know with the recent updates the BSA made to their Internet Advancement systems TroopTrack’s TurboNet is no longer. TroopTrack has created a way for us to upload rank advancements TO council. You can see a video on how to do this here: Internet Advancement 2.0 6. TroopTrack is just releasing today a feature to synchronize FROM council. With that done, we will be able to import scouts and adults into TT. Users will need to open a support ticket and attach the files and TroopTrack support will assist. You can do this by selecting SUPPORT in the top menu, and then selecting SPREADSHEET IMPORT/EXPORT and then select SCOUTBOOK from the "Type of Import" dropdown.

If you are trying to upload your TT data into IA 2.0, know that  IA 2.0 has some pretty strict data validation. Please double check that your TT data matches the records with and confirm that all data matches what is in Member Manager. Even if your scouts have the correct BSA ID numbers, even the names and other information have to match. Our new ability to synchronize FROM council should help with this task. Make sure you follow completely what is listed in IA 2.0.

Previously there was an error when closing out completed IA 2.0 reports that would result in a 504, this has now been fixed.

Trail Life Troops

We have removed old rules that affected Trail Life troops and prevented them to take action on "unregistered" members. So now we no longer check to see if they are registered or not before allowing them to add achievements, etc.

Trail Life users now have access to the standard TroopTrack support options (previously they had to go to National first).


Signup Bug

For the last two weeks there was a bug that was causing trial signups to crash if there was already a unit with the same number in TroopTrack. This has been fixed and now troops can enter their true troop number at signup again.


TroopTrack Developer Program

For members of the TroopTrack developer program, we’ve fixed a bug in the API that caused the “get my info” endpoint to fail. It is now working. Remember, you can request access to the TroopTrack developer program by submitting an application on the “developer program” menu item in the menu that appears by selecting your name on TroopTrack.

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The TroopTrack Team


8/7/19 Product Update

BSA IA 2.0

With the recent updates the BSA made to their Internet Advancement systems, TroopTrack's TurboNet no longer connects as it previously did. We have made progress with TroopTrack's integration with the BSA's new Internet Advancement updates (IA 2.0/Scoutbook). TroopTrack has created a way for us to upload rank advancements TO council. You can see a video on how to do this here: TroopTrack is still in the process of adding a feature to synchronize FROM council. TroopTrack is confident we will have a solution but it is slower to release due to the lack of assistance from the BSA.

Trail Life TroopTrack Accounts

Starting July 13, 2019, all chartering and registration related features have moved to Trail Life Connect ( Previously there were many special rules in place in TroopTrack just for Trail Life troops to enforce chartering and registration requirements. Because all these rules are now implemented in Trail Life Connect, they are no longer needed in TroopTrack and we are now removing them to enable the normal TroopTrack features to Trail Life accounts. This is an ongoing process as we add functionality back. Features we have fixed thus far:

  1. Adding members to Trail Life Troop accounts.
  2. Adding leadership roles
  3. Registered Trailmen
  4. Tracking achievements
  5. bulk achievements
  6. individual achievements
  7. editing personal info
  8. provisional progress
  9. access to same support resources as other TroopTrack accounts
  10. remove leader pages (this was a request from national)
  11. access to the dashboard
  12. ability to delete people
  13. ability to add members directly to patrols

If there are any other functionalities or features that we have missed, please make sure to bring it to our attention. Thanks for your patience with all of this during this transition period. Keep in mind that Trail Life and TroopTrack are completely separate entities and anything dealing specifically with Trail Life or Trail Life Connect you would need to reach out to Trail Life directly. You can contact them at or by phone at (321)-247-7761.

AHG TroopTrack Accounts

Two weeks ago it was brought to our attention that some AHG troops see all custom awards in their various advancement menus rather than just their own. The TroopTrack team is still working on a fix for this.

Future Features

We are in the process of updating TroopTrack Mobile and expect to have a MAJOR announcement soon. Stay tuned.

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The TroopTrack Team


6/17/19 Product Update

BSA Internet Advancement

Most BSA TroopTrack troops are now aware that BSA turned off Internet Advancement on June 10, 2019. TroopTrack has been working hard to find a solution and we have been in contact with the BSA to figure out new options for integration between TroopTrack and their new system. We have concluded that the best approach is to export the information in a file out of TroopTrack and to then upload that file back up to IA 2.0/Scoutbook. This functionality is still being tested and we will update our BSA troops when this feature is working and launched. Contact us at if you have any questions.

New Features

Also, we have added the following features to TroopTrack:

  1. We have added event information, including event links, to event emails. This makes it easy for the email recipient to just click to go to the event.
  2. We have also changed the default level award for cub scouts so that the "Progress Report" for a den defaults to the right award.

If you have any ideas about features you'd like to see added next to TroopTrack, make sure you post them to or if you have any other site feedback, please post to


The TroopTrack Team


Upcoming Vacation

Spencer and I will be on vacation May 3-13. We will not be available to answer any phone calls or emails during this time, but we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible when we get back on Tuesday, May 14. Thank you in advance for your patience!

If you have an emergency, you can reach out to our CEO, Dave, at


Newsletter Fix

One of our last fixes broke the newsletter, so any newsletters that were supposed to send yesterday or today (Nov. 13 or 14) never went out. 

The issue is fixed now. :) You can go to your newsletter preview at Communicate > Newsletter Settings and click the "Send Now" button to send out your missed newsletters.

We're sorry about the disruption. Have a great day!

Community Post


13 Nov 2018 Update

We’ve made several small fixes to the site:

  • When using your browser to print the Manage -> Patrols/Den/Units page the group headings were disappearing. Now they stay visible.
  • When adding awards using the “Start Achievement” button on a user’s “Achievements” tab of their profile, the pop-up window used to load very slowly, and the awards weren’t organized well. Now the window pops up much more quickly, and the awards are sorted by name.
  • When recording someone’s training, the selection drop-down used to get hidden. Now it stays visible.

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TurboNET is Working again

TurboNET broke on Tuesday Oct 16 when ScoutNET changed some of their web settings. We pushed a fix for the issue yesterday evening (Wed Oct 24) and haven’t seen any errors since, so the problem’s been taken care of. We’re sorry we couldn’t fix it any sooner. Have a great day! 🎉

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12 Oct 2018 Update

We’ve made several fixes to the site:

  • We’ve clarified the Troop "Reply To" setting (Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings > TroopTrack Settings). This lets you specify the "Reply To" field for emails sent by TroopTrack on behalf of your troop, like Event Invitations and the Troop Newsletter. So if a user responds to an Event Invite, their response would be sent to this email.
  • We fixed a bug on the new Item Records page for Event Items. The page would sometimes break if someone had begun paying for an Event Item with PayPal but hadn’t finished.
  • On the Dashboard, we fixed a link to edit achievements for some troops
  • For TLUSA Troops: We fixed an issue where old CORs were still getting new member application emails.

Have a great weekend!

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Event Items and Sign-up Sheet improvements

We’ve released a new feature and several improvements today! :D

Event Items

  • If you have the Manage Events privilege, you can attach Items to events that users can then purchase. You can use this to sell event-specific T-shirts in various sizes, or let people choose between meal options, or maybe upgrade to a nicer cabin. Create and edit your items in the Advanced tab when editing the event.
  • The items can be free, or you can set a price.
  • You can optionally limit items—say, if you only have 10 T-shirts available, only that many will be sold.
  • People can purchase items with their TroopTrack money account, PayPal, or Stripe (depending on your troop’s online payment settings: Manage > Settings > Online Payments). Parents can purchase items on behalf of their children.
  • You can also see a report of who wants how many of which items, and the CSV export has more information: when the purchase was made, how they paid, and who did the purchasing.

Sign-up Sheet Improvements

  • Anyone can see who has volunteered for what
  • You can volunteer people you have access to, not just your family
  • The list of assignments is sortable, so you can see who’s bringing what more easily
  • You can resend sign-up sheet emails
  • The sign-up email shows items and their counts

Hours/Miles/Nights Syncing Improvement

  • Historically, on the "Record Attendance/RSVPs" page, the hours/miles/nights (HMN) columns didn't auto-populate based on the event's data. Now the HMN columns do auto-populate.
  • It also updates users’ data if the event’s HMN data changes, but only for users whose data matches the event’s data.
  • So if a service day lasts longer than expected and should have been 5 hours instead of 3 hours, you can change that in the event details and it will update everyone with 3 hours to 5 hours. If one person had to go home early though and only got 1 hour, it’ll leave that unchanged.

One last thing

  • For the AHG PI/PA golf badge we mistakenly had one of the electives listed as a requirement; we fixed it.

For photos see the community post. :)


19 Sep. 2018 Update

We’ve released some more fixes:

  • For AHG Troops: Fix an error when importing from AHGconnect (If you recently got a message like "Your changes were rejected" when importing from AHGconnect, please try again)
  • Improve some CSV exports: The Communicate > Member Spreadsheet includes youth/adult and patrol name columns. The User export includes an active/deactivated column.
  • For troops that use Stripe: before, when paying for an event, the fee description would say it was paid with PayPal. This is fixed for future payments (past payments will continue to show PayPal).

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22 Aug 2018 Update

We’ve released some bug fixes for you:

  • The Attendance Sheet PDF for events works now, before it was just spitting out gibberish
  • On the main Manage page, users’ ages will update correctly now
  • For AHG troops: we updated the AHGconnect importer to fix some issues with importing trainings
  • If you go to the TroopTrack home page while logged in, the "Click here to go to your troop" link is prettier

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15 Aug 2018 Update

We've made some more updates! 😄

  • Remember how you can RSVP to events without logging in using the link in the invitation email? You can also now pay event fees without logging in.
  • On a similar note, you don't need to log in to respond to sign-up sheet invitation emails. 🎉

Dave is going on vacation for the next couple weeks, so while he's away we're going to work on smaller bugs and features, like the stuff we've released in [the last update]( and this one.

Once he gets back we'll work on our next "big" feature: Attaching optional purchases to events so that, for example, camp attendees can optionally pay for a camp t-shirt if they want one. 👕

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13 Aug 2018 Update

We’ve got some new features and bug fixes for you! :)

New features:

  • We added Project Fi to our list of supported cell phone carriers
  • We made adding leadership positions easier by adding a search field to find which position you need
  • Girl Scout troops can use the Record Outside Participation button to record miles/nights

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a bug where deleting a user’s avatar would sometimes raise an error
  • For BSA troops: The Individual Progress Report now fits cleanly on one page
  • For BSA troops: Fix a bug where uploading Blue Cards didn’t work
  • For BSA troops: The OA Eligibility report counts 4-night campouts correctly
  • Fix a bug that prevented IE users from editing events’ dates

Community post :)


TroopTrack Faces (BETA)

Our robot overlords are coming! Announcing TroopTrack Faces, a BETA feature for searching your photo albums.


Provisional Progress is here!

Provisional Progress

We've been working on it for a couple months now, and we're excited to say that Provisional Progress has arrived! What is Provisional Progress, you ask? It's a setting you can turn on (it's off by default) that lets any member of your troop enter "provisional" achievement data. It's "provisional" because a leader with the Manage Achievements Privilege (MAP) must confirm the data for it to show up in places like the shopping cart or the user's profile.

See this community post for all the details and pictures. :)

Other stuff

We've also released some bugfixes:

  • For BSA, we were showing raw HTML in the “Board of Review Worksheets”. That’s been fixed.
  • Trying to go to the new troop form while already logged in was breaking. Not anymore.